Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The boys are really moving!

Braedon has been away for 19 days.  They started their adventure in Manchester, then on to Birmingham, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna... they don't like Vienna much, it's really overcast and not a lot that holds interest for them... next they move on to Venice! (so cool)  They only stay a few days in each place, preferring to travel overnight to save costs on hostels/hotels, pretty smart!!!  They've had some dreary weather and are steadily moving towards warmer climates.  They have done a lot in such a short time, they check out museums everywhere they stop, have toured castles and a church made out of bones, gone to a huge outdoor concert, gotten drunk and lost in Berlin, stayed in a variety of hostels and met a few people.  Braedon has started a blog and I hope he keeps it up!  He has outlined the first week of their trip, come on man, another post already! 

Braedon is all about trying out new foods, but my nephew is staying in his comfort zone, that's my boy Braed!  He's so cute, he told me he is going to try to bring me some cheese and wine from Italy back with him :)  We miss him, we are so proud of him and happy that he has this opportunity to travel and see what the World has to offer.   Braedon skyped us on Sunday and we talked to him for about an hour, I already hear the change in him, he was so excited to tell us every detail of what they've been doing... it was great! 

They don't expect to be gone for the full four months now, but are already planning a little jaunt to Hawaii later on in the year.  But let me tell you... Kennedy is so not going to want to move out of his room!!! :)


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