Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Date Night

I need a date night!

Leigh and I have been doing "date night" for the past couple of years.  We never used to take the time to relax, unwind and enjoy each other without the kids running around.  We make sure we do now.  Not only does it strengthen our relationship and make us calmer and more effective parents, but it is a constant reminder that we are more than just parents, we are people, who love each other, who think it is very important to take the time to celebrate that.   We try to do it at least once a month, but it's been a busy 2010 so far and we haven't kept up our promise to each other.  So we are going to plan a date night.  Julia has bronchial pneumonia at the moment, so it'll have to wait till next weekend.  :)

A typical date night for us involves food and wine, of course!  Our favorite spot is McNally Robinson... we make a reservation at the Prairie Ink Restaurant, we get dressed up... Leigh always tries to order the fish feature, and they are always out :) (something about the fishery burning down... I don't know), but whatever we order is consistently good, they have a decent wine selection, and there is almost always an acoustical band playing on either Friday or Saturday night.  We get a frilly coffee afterward, they let you walk around with it, we look at books, we buy one or two... we go home and have another glass of wine, and talk, no interruptions, no sick kids, no-one but us.  It refreshing and re-charging and all couples need to do this on a regular basis. 

Don't forget about it, don't forget to celebrate your marriage every day. 

Don't forget to celebrate the life that you have and work everyday to make it the best life ever!!!!!


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  1. We've decided to go to Souleio on Saturday for a late lunch, I've been many times with my friend Mandy, but Leigh has never been... they've got what Saskatoon and surrounding areas need more of!!!!! Then a walk on Broadway, check everything out and a movie...oh, Mom, can you babysit? :)