Monday, April 5, 2010

Celebrate Life

We celebrated Easter with family and friends this weekend.   We are always happy to celebrate with those that are important in our life.   The Hebert-side get-togethers are getting to be very large with all the marriages and new arrivals,  we need to figure out a better plan for housing these increasing numbers for our family events.  But, it is always nice to be able to celebrate with your family and friends, in whatever dose that may be!

A time to celebrate life. 

As I near my fortieth birthday, I find myself celebrating life.  Not just once in a while, not just every year on my birthday, but every day, every hour, every minute.  I celebrate Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday at 2pm, the anticipation of the weekend.  I celebrate the drive home and the 15 minutes I have to just be alone with my thoughts.  I celebrate parking in the front driveway, and knowing that as soon as I walk in the door I will be greeted by my family, my lovely husband and my amazing girls, I know my man-child Braedon will come down eventually and say "hey Mom"... and give me a smile... and I am filled with sunshine!  I celebrate a phone call from my sister, I celebrate talking with a friend, I celebrate getting cookbooks from the library, I celebrate trying those recipes and having a glass of red wine while I cook.  I celebrate slipping into a hot bath at the end of the day.  I celebrate getting my girls up in the morning and being able to deal with whatever they throw at me :). 

I celebrate that we will be out in the yard this weekend, raking out the flowerbeds, getting rid of all the wet leaves that accumulated before the first snow, getting the beds ready for the early tulips that will appear any day now.   I revel in jumping on the trampoline EVERY DAY with Julia, it's so much fun, and how she giggles, I celebrate those giggles!  Sidewalk chalk, coloring every inch of every sidewalk we have, new skipping ropes for Easter that we will be bringing out tonight... sitting in the sun on the deck with a glass of ice water with lemon, feeling that sun on my skin.  Celebrating Spring coming, celebrating the new season.  Celebrating these things with my husband and my kids.  Celebrating how fortunate we are in life! 

Celebrating family, celebrating friends, celebrating life. 

I've learned the importance of this.  The importance of celebrating each and every day.   It's strange what is happening to me, I feel it with every waking moment, I feel it each night as I am drifting off to sleep, I feel it when everything is peaceful, and I feel it in the midst of chaos.. and it feels good.  I've slowed my mind down and am really figuring out to just enjoy all the changes in life.   I deal with things so differently now.   In my 20's I really didn't have a clue :), in my 30's I could feel it coming, and now as I near my 40th year, it's like I'm on a train that I can't stop, and don't want to!!!  I survived a lot in my thirties, survived and am now celebrating the experience, because that's another thing I've learned.  You can't change what has happened.  You can't, it's that simple.  You can't make it disappear, you can pretend it didn't happen, but that is being untrue and unfair to yourself.  You survive it, you move on from it, and you embrace every experience that happens after it.  You deal with the bad, you celebrate the good, you become strong and sure of who you are.  And seriously, it is quite a feeling!   I  keep trying to put it into words, but I it's hard to transfer what I am feeling, into words.  It feels like... peace.  Peace.  Peace with who you are, peace with where you've been, and peace with where you are going.  There are bumps and setbacks along the way, yes.  But the peace is there, always... you can always find it, you just have to remember it's there, it doesn't go away.  It is so much easier to deal with things knowing you have that inside.  It's like a warm glow emanating from inside of me, it's happiness, just true and pure happiness. 

I'm not saying that I never have a bad day, or have bad experiences, but I've learned to turn them around a lot faster, and deal with them a lot quicker to get back where I want to be.    When I look at our life now, I am so in love with it!  And when I think about what is to come, I get more excited by the minute!  I don't lay in bed on a Sunday night, worrying about what the week will bring, I used to do that, I could never sleep on a Sunday night.  True, it is circumstance that affects that, but it really makes you think, why not change the circumstance?   If someone is not enhancing your life, why are they in it?  If you don't like what you do for a living, why are you doing it?  If something makes you unhappy, why do you allow it continue to do so?  We all have the power to change things so that we are in the best place we can be, we control that!   Our lives are way to short to live them by someone else's rules and standards.  We all need to figure out what we want, how we want our lives to be, and go for it, seize it!  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something!  I will practice what I preach, every day I get closer and closer to where I want to be!   With the support and love I feel from the people I am important to... how in the world can I fail?


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