Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been busy :)

Since my last post, we've spent those three weeks getting Braedon ready for his trip to Europe!  He left on April 23rd, flew into Manchester, made his way to Edinburgh, and is now in London!  They plan on backpacking, busing, driving and flying around Europe, four months minimum, but they may stay until the end of the year.  If their money runs out, they will work for food and a bed!  hahaha  We had a Bon Voyage party for Braedon and my nephew Scott (his travel companion) on April 17th, the weather was gorgeous, the food was aplenty, and a good time was had by all.  It was nice to watch Braedon relaxing with his friends and family, and enjoy being in the spotlight!  :)  They boys have been texting me daily, thank gawd for technology!  This mama bear has never been away from her first born cub... it helps.  I did have a pang of loneliness for him yesterday, not sure why, just hit me that he was halfway across the planet.  This is a great experience for him, something we encourage him to do for as long as he can, before reality sticks it's ugly nose into his business!  I'll post regularly as their trip abroad unfolds!


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