Monday, January 17, 2011

Come on, throw it at me...

In a space of three days our bathroom fan broke, our furnace needs to be replaced, and I snapped the vacuum hose in two and had to buy a new one.  Not a great few days from a financial point of view.  :)  But in those three days I also had a day off to attend my daughter's spelling competition and have some time with Julia, cooked some great meals (Super Garlic Chicken Legs and Asian Inspired Braised Beef Short Ribs), spent some time with my husband and kids, read a great book, had a nice glass of wine and got some rest.   It's all in how you handle it right?  So, a phone call to the bank, a talk with the heating company, a new bathroom fan installed and a vacuum shopping trip yesterday, all is good.  A little poorer in the bank account, but still rich in life.  I am looking at things so differently lately.  Things that I thought were important to me or that I thought should be important to me, just aren't.  I have all that I need in life, I really do!  Every day I carve out my happiness a little more, surge forward and fall backwards again, but I never really lose much ground, I find it easier and easier to get back up again.   "Find your happiness, and dance with it".  (Love that)

On Tuesday I am going with my Mom and sisters to check out Dad's resting place.   My Mom is really an amazing woman.  She is so strong.  She misses my Dad so very much, but knows that she still has a very full life and so many people who love her and depend on her and who are there for her to depend on.   She goes at things with the same attitude that I have, if you can't change it, you have to deal with it.  If you can, make it better.  If you can't, make it the best that you can.    Friday was seven months since we lost Dad.  Hard to believe.  Life just keeps on going, and is going so fast. 


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