Monday, January 24, 2011

Week at a glance...

Didn't do much cooking this weekend :(.

Saturday we attended Leigh's Grandpa's 85th birthday.   Made caesar salad to contribute to the meal.  When we arrived, the room the party was in was about 30 degrees and unbearable.  The hallway was cool and we pried open the deck doors and then the snowball fights started, geez Grandma Bev!  :)  It was a nice time, Emmanual (Grandpa) looks great, still very spry and loved being the centre of attention.

Sunday, I went to McNally Robinson with my Mom for our annual birthday celebration (Mom turned 75 on Jauary 6th).  It was nice, they had a quartet performing right outside the restaurant so we settled in and listened for a while.  I had a roasted veggie wrap and Mom had the mushroom and asparagus omlette, and then we shared a piece of key lime pie in place of birthday cake.   Mom bought a book and I got Kennedy a portable light for when she reads at night and doesn't want to disturb her little sister, and some new magnetic bookmarks.  When I got home Leigh had the laundry done,  a chicken roasting and potatoes boiling for mashing so I threw in a spaghetti squash and tossed it with a little butter when it was done.    It was a fantastic meal!!!  Leigh made the left-over chicken into his famous chicken salad and that's what we are all having for lunch today, on ciabatta. 

Leigh's Aunt, Mary Rose, stayed over Saturday nigh and Kennedy went skiing with her, Auntie Gloria and Jonah on Sunday at Table Mountain.  It was plus one on Sunday with a strong wind but a nice day!  We've had so many cold ones!!!!  Kennedy didn't hate skiing, but she didn't love it either.  She is going skiing with her class in mid-February so it was good to get her used to getting up and down the mountain.   She was exhausted when she got back, they walked in the back door at 6pm and right in time for supper.    She tried to be grumpy for awhile but we all settled in to watch a movie and she was alright.  She had trouble getting to sleep last night and was quite tired this morning, but was a trooper :). 

On the agenda this week, heating guy is coming on Tuesday to assess what we need for a furnace and to try to help with humidity control (might as well do it all at once) in the house, Kennedy has her first basketball game on Wednesday which we will all go to and the weekend is shaping up to be busy.  I will be making bread and muffins and cookies to stock the freezer, Kennedy and I will attend a baby shower, we are having friends over for supper and are dismantling the bunk bed in the girls room and bringing their separate beds back in.  This week meal-wise, we will be having leftovers tonight (I cook waaaaaay too much), quesadialla Tuesday (yum), grilled cheese on Wednesday due to the game, tilapia with bueurre blanc on Thursday (much to the kids dismay), and Friday evenings being a bit more relaxed I'll plan something a little more elaborate that revolves around a glass or two of red wine :). 

Life is lovely! 


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